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TGOJ Book Front cover

My new book, The God of Jesus in Light of Christian Dogma, is the product of a nearly three-year investigation.  It is a brisk, intense journey through roughly five-hundred years of ecclesiastical disputation on the nature of God and Jesus, and a pointed challenge to popular interpretations of the New Testament.

The first half of the book covers the developmental history of orthodox theology and some of its early challenges.  Its focus is on the philosophical principles behind the creeds of the “ecumenical” Church councils of the fourth and fifth century.  The second half of the book provides a fresh look at the vibrant world of first-century Judaism, and Jesus and his earliest disciples’ teachings within that world.  The overarching question of the book is this: what place, if any, do the philosophical concerns of fourth-and-fifth-century orthodoxy have in the theology of the man Jesus of Nazareth?  In light of the history of dogma, and modern New Testament scholarship, is the orthodox interpretation of the biblical documents our best and only option?  Is the Trinity the God of Jesus?

Sir Anthony F. Buzzard has honored me with a foreword.  Professor Buzzard is an Oxford scholar, linguist, and an instructor at Atlanta Bible College.  Restoration Fellowship will be publishing the book August 2016.

(For an audio interview about the book, click here.)