H&J on Audio – Introduction and Part 01: “The Primacy of John”

Happy to introduce the new Hermes & John audio series!  This series will provide those interested in the Hermes & John project with another way to digest all the research.

The paper which accompanied my recent presentation at the 2017 Theological Conference is rather long and packed full of information.  Since not everyone is able to sit down and read it, it seemed best to put together an audio version that can be listened to at your leisure, or while at work, or while in the car on your commute.  So I’ll be going through each section of the paper, and building a fuller picture of my research on this subject and ultimately a larger and more intricate case for my proposal about John.  No doubt a lot of ground will covered in each of these entries, so if you’re looking for a more compact version of this study, there is always the original presentation.

See below for an introductory episode, as well as Part 01: “The Primacy of John.”  And of course, be sure to check back soon for more entries!  Enjoy…

Introduction to H&J audio project – H&J Part 00:

The Primacy of John – H&J Part 01:


2 thoughts on “H&J on Audio – Introduction and Part 01: “The Primacy of John”

  1. Thank you for your labor of love in putting together all of this research for your presentations on video and in your wonderful book. I would greatly desire to acquire a PDF copy of the paper you made available at the theological conference related to “Hermes & John”. I was unfortunately not able to come. Again thank you so much brother and God bless you in all your work.

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  2. Alex, thank you very much for your interest in these matters, and for the compliments. It is indeed a labor of love! I’m working on the next installment of the audio version now and will have it up soon. And this evening I will email you a .pdf of the paper. Look for it. Thanks!


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