2017 Theological Conference

Happy to announce that next month I will be speaking at the 2017 Theological Conference in Atlanta, GA.  The annual gathering, hosted by Restoration Fellowship, will feature presentations by an array of scholars, pastors, researchers, and a variety of voices from around the Biblical Unitarian community.LogoTC

I’ve been working diligently on this project, hence the lack of blog entries, and I’m excited to finally present some of my research.  My presentation is titled:

“Hermes & John: The Fourth Gospel in the Early Gnostic World.” 

Here’s a brief description:

Why is the Fourth Gospel so different from the Synoptics?  Is John’s Jesus really a spiritual being from above? Why does the Fourth Gospel sometimes sound “Gnostic”?  Chandler will answer these important questions and more, as he explores the historical occasion for John’s writing.  It is possible that the current paradigm in John scholarship has obscured important data regarding the Gospel’s composition and meaning.  But reading John in the context of early Gnosticism may reveal vital information for modern Christological arguments.

Due to the large scope of this project, I will also be releasing a lengthy paper on this subject, which I will subsequently post here as well.  I may also provide this information via a multi-part series here on the Buried Deep blog if time permits.

Very much looking forward to the event, which takes place May 18-21.  For a list of other presenters, click here.  The conference will also be live-streamed here.






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