Webinar & Book Give-A-Way

Last night I had the opportunity to give a webinar on my new book The God of Jesus in Light of Christian Dogma.  The extensive discussion was graciously hosted by Restoration Fellowship, and featured appearances by Sir Anthony F. Buzzard, and Carlos Xavier (Restoration Fellowship); Dr. Joe Martin (President, Atlanta Bible College); Pastor Robin Todd (Washington Church of God, Scattered Brethren Network); and more.

Topics discussed included: early Jewish-Christianity, the early controversy with Christian Gnosticism and its effects on Christology, the development of Trinitarian orthodoxy, the influence of the Roman state on the conciliar creeds, and the religion of the historical Jesus.  Other topics entertained included dogmatism within modern evangelicalism, and why the study of these historical and theological matters is important for the Christian faith and life.

See the video below, or click here.

And just in time for Christmas… we will be giving away some free copies of my book!  Just log in to Amazon at the url below, and enter for a chance to win:


If you aren’t one of the lucky winners, you can still grab a copy for yourself or as a gift for the holidays here.

Image result for christmas present



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