Audio Interview: A Discussion on My Book, and on Pagan and Gnostic Influences on Orthodox Theology



This week I joined Sean Finnegan again for another interview on the excellent Restitutio podcast.

In this interview, Finnegan and I discuss my new book, The God of Jesus in Light of Christian Dogma.

You’ll hear about the books’ content and fundamental arguments, and a conversation on how historical pagan and Gnostic thinking influenced the development of orthodox Christian doctrine.  From there, Sean and I consider an alternative way of interacting with the New Testament which doesn’t rely on the philosophies which undergird the creedal, state-sanctioned Christianity which emerged out of the turmoil of the fourth century CE.

Click below for the audio stream and download page:

Restitutio 9: “Pagan Influences on the Development of the Trinity”


You can get your copy of the book here.


Audio Interview: A Restorationist Discovers the God of Jesus

This past week I had the honor of being interviewed for the Restitutio podcast.

restitutio is a website hosted by Sean Finnegan, pastor at Living Hope Community Church in New York.  The weekly podcast features topics related to biblical study and historical Christianity, and the site hosts a wealth of articles, videos, and audio teachings exploring the biblical unitarian understanding of the Bible.

I count myself very blessed to know Mr. Finnegan and his work.  His material was very helpful to me early on in my studies, and I was happy to finally meet Sean this past year at the 25th Annual Theological Conference in Atlanta, GA, where he gave a wonderful presentation on Atonement Theories.

This week’s podcast is an interview with me regarding my spiritual journey out of mainstream evangelicalism, and my discovery of the theology of the historical Jesus.  The next interview will be about my recent book.

Click below for the audio stream and download page:

Restitutio: “A Restorationist Discovers the God of Jesus”