A New Adventure

Welcome, traveler…

My name is Kegan.  You can find out all about me here.

The Buried Deep blog is a space where I can freely explore matters related to Church history, biblical literature, and other odds and ends from the ancient world.  While this blog will entertain a variety of subjects, an underlying aim of this new venture is to promote a concern for the Bible by shedding light on the history of Christian theology.

In reality, what we call Christianity represents a great confluence of many streams of the world’s religious thought. Those interested in Christianity today, like myself, cannot hope to properly understand it if the diverse world which produced it is not confronted and dissected.  But truth often travels through subterranean channels.  The real history of the Christian religion reveals a surprising, even unsettling narrative.  Digging deep can be a painful business.  But in the end, there is nothing like the thrill of discovery, especially when those discoveries have the power to change your mind about what you value the most.

In addition to starting this personal blog, there are a few other things happening with me this year:

My new book, The God of Jesus in Light of Christian Dogma, will be coming out this summer.  More about that here.

I’ve also co-founded another website that will serve as an online Christian ministry (hosting articles, videos, audio, etc.).  That website will launch August 2016, and will be located at thegodofjesus.com

Looking forward to getting the ball rolling on this journey; check back soon for blog posts and more news about these projects!


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